Happy Birthday, Slade!

My boyfriend Slade is 26 today! Fun fact: he's almost two years younger than me! I'll be 28 in September. Never thought I'd end up with a younger guy. ;)

In honor of his birthday, I thought I would write something special. Slade, here are 26 things that I love about you:

1. Those blue eyes of yours. If we ever have kids, I hope they somehow inherit your eyes!

2. Your dad jokes. I never thought I would find someone who has the exact same sense of humor that I do, but here we are.

3. Your laid-back personality. You take things as they come, and you are always able to handle life with a level head.

4. The fact that you can cook, and you also enjoy it. Otherwise we would be eating a lot of scrambled eggs and sandwiches, ha ha.

5. How determined you are. You know what you want in life, and you are working hard to get there.

6. I never feel silly talking about trivial things to you. You always make me feel important.

7. On that same note, you always know how to handle me when I'm being overly anxious or obsessive. Instead of rolling your eyes, you hug me and help me work through it.

8. Your spontaneity.

9. You're always up for anything...whether it's getting out and adventuring, or staying in to watch a movie.

10. Your optimism, and how it sets off my natural pessimism.

11. How you're such a good pet parent to Bell and Rizzo.

12. The love that you have for your family and friends.

13. How cute you act when you know there's some sort of surprise coming your way.

14. The fact that you never pass up an opportunity to tell me you love me.

15. How your laugh is always 100% genuine.

16. Your ability to adapt to any situation, even if  you feel out of place.

17. You're a Hufflepuff.

18. You have a great taste in music.

19. Even if you initially don't want to, you always give new things a chance.

20. You genuinely try to appreciate things you know I enjoy.

21. Your unfailing honesty.

22. How you are always yourself.

23. The fact that we can always communicate without arguing.

24. How you're always happy to see me, whether it's been two hours or two weeks.

25. Your ability to appreciate everything and everyone.

26. How you are, without a doubt, my other half.

Here's to 26!!!
Vicky Hunt said...

You definitely are blessed to have met Slade and he is to have you as well! Love you both dearly!

Kay R. said...

Really sweet! Happy birthday to him!

Laura Darling said...

My husband is younger too! :) Happy bday to Slade!

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