Welcome to My Restless Soul! I'm Miranda, and if you have known me for a while you already know that this blog formerly functioned under the name of Miranda Writes. But...any writer knows that their work changes with their life...and that's the short explanation for the recent re-brand. 

Here on My Restless Soul, you will find a variety of posts on topics such a books, travel, organization, personal stories and experiences, and general every day life. Essentially, this is one of those "lifestyle" blogs that seem to be taking over the internet. I fully intend to use this space to encourage others, share opinions, culture online friendships and networks, or maybe just give you a smile or two! (I also accept smiles in return.)

Here's a quick list to help you learn a little more about me:

1. I'm 27-years-old, and will be 28 in September. 

2. I have a degree in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences (focuses in Geography and Sociology) from the Florida State University. (Go 'Noles!)

3. In July of 2015, I dropped everything I have ever known and moved to Europe, where I spent a year teaching English in Prague, Czech Republic and traveling to some of the most amazing places in the world. 

4. I returned back home to Florida In June of 2016, and after floundering around a bit and trying to readjust, I landed a job at a travel agency. (And I really, really enjoy it.)

5.I have lost between 35 and 40 pounds over the past year. I can thank the European lifestyle for most of that, but I have also reached a place in my life where I enjoy working out, and I'm much more aware about what goes into my body. 

6. Books make me happier than most people. 

7. I'm also a huge fan of the performing arts, iced coffee, and a good concert. (Coldplay and Mumford and Sons are among my favorite musical artists.)

8. My boyfriend, Slade, is essentially the male version of me. He couldn't have entered my life at a more perfect time, and man oh man am I thankful for him. 
9. Slade and I have a pup named Babybel (yes, like the cheese)...but we usually call her Bell. We adopted her when she was two months old, and she is a retriever/pit bull mix. She is definitely my child. I love that girl to bits! We also have a spunky little cat named Rizzo. Sometimes she's my biggest fan, and sometimes she wants nothing to do with me. Slade had her before we started dating, so I think she essentially just wants me to know that I'll never be her mom.

10. I'm extremely well-rounded and open-minded, and yes, I am one of those hippies who believe that love and kindness are the keys to the universe. 

11. I have always had, and still have, what can be deemed as "restless soul syndrome." My mind often moves too quickly for my life to keep up, and until recently, I have had a giant issue with contentment. I'm at a place where this is no longer the case, and I am learning that being restless can be constructive instead of destructive. 

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