Welcome to My Restless Soul! I'm Miranda, and if you have known me for a while you already know that this blog formerly functioned under the name of Miranda Writes. But...any writer knows that their work changes with their life...and that's the short explanation for the recent re-brand. 

Here on My Restless Soul, you will find a variety of posts on topics such a books, travel, organization, personal stories and experiences, and general every day life. Essentially, this is one of those "lifestyle" blogs that seem to be taking over the internet. I fully intend to use this space to encourage others, share opinions, culture online friendships, and just generally fuel my love for words and writing.


Floridian. Ex-expat. Wordsmith. Bookworm. Newbie Vegetarian. Travel agent by day. ESL teacher by early morning/night. FSU alumnus. Dog mom. Girlfriend. Daughter. Friend. Sister. Coldplay listener. Phantom of the Opera fanatic. Feminist. Clean freak. Battler of OCD and anxiety. Chocolate chip cookie connoisseur. Googler of how to spell "connoisseur." Self-diagnosed with restless soul syndrome. 

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